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Autumn and linsey Autumn And Linsey Another set of Autumn and Linsey Dawn McKenzie suc and tonguing each other's charming pussies and nipples from their breast fest, Linsey's Lezzie Seduction. In the studio, once the action began, these two busty sex kittens couldn't keep their hands off each other. Linsey was one of Autumn's first mistresses in the art of kitty lapping. If you love Lesbo tit fondling and knocker kissing, this is real beat-off material. We should know! Autumn and Linsey are both in September 2001 SCORE Magazine, a special edition devoted to the 20 greatest naturals in SCORE history.See More of Linsey Dawn McKenzie at AUTUMN-JADE.COM!. September bluestreak01 videos  a naughty september flaunts her super huge titties A naughty September flaunts her super huge titties. September webcam76 trailer  charming brunette shows 34jj natural tits on cam Pleasant brunette shows 34JJ natural boobs on cam. Neighborly love The hunt for anus never ends and our two cunthounds have found a piece of fresh meat named Saige. She's a tight party girl who lives in the same building as they do and she wants to get to know her neighbors. What better way to do that than to blowjob your fellow tenant's penish Saige starts at the anal and wets his penish from balls to head with her tongue. She loves giving blow jobs and it shows. She's not panusive when it comes to sex either. You don't make love Saige, Saige make loves you. She's got the moves and she's not afraid to use them, using her legs and anus to bob on your penish as fast and rough as she can. Her cunt gets so juicy you can hear the wetness as the penish slips in and out. And best of all, she wants you to finish with your hot load all over her sweaty face.See More of Saige Aeryne at PICKINGUPPUSSY.COM!. Super soaked Super Soaked In this pictorial from the feature DVD Montego Babes, Micky Bells, Gya Roberts and Terri Jane stretch out their thin T-shirts and pack Super Soaker water squirt guns. They're going to have a wet Tee shoot-out on the lawn. The pictures of them standing abreast holding their pistols is worthy of a most-wanted poster. Dangerous women! Because that's what they are! They chase each other around the lawn firing their water weapons.   Eventually they all lose their soaked shirts, just the way you like it. Afterwards, they gang up on each other for more fun and games. They can't keep their hands off their huge, pleasant tits! Who can blame them They rip their shirts to shreds, then try their skills at a juggy sack race, a considerable way to get their tits flying. Our photographers caught their boobs in mid-flight as they raced towards the finish line. But it's not over yet. Micky needs a creaming. Terri and Gya do everything they can to accommodate her! It's acres of breast flesh as far as the eyes can see with. See More of Terri Jane at MICKYBELLS.COM!. Wettshirtcandids  wettshirtcandids Wettshirt-candids. Tessa fowler
 tessa fowler  red black christmas lace 2  5 minutes  hey guys and happy new year now that 2015 is actually here i can say that with authority so i hope all of you had a good one that was safe and full of fun   i have a brand new hd video her Hey guys and happy New Year! Now that 2015 is actually here, I can say that with authority, so I hope all of you had a nice one that was safe and full of fun. :-) I have a brand new HD video here for you of me playing with my large tits, so that should help out even more, right? LOL.... Sarah randall
 sarah randall  black fishnet 1  trailer  hi there gang and happy weekend i have my voluminous natural tits on full display in all of their glory so i hope you are ready for some voluminous tits in your face and exciting wet and wild frolick Hi there gang and happy weekend! I have my heavy natural boobs on full display in all of their glory, so I hope you are ready for some heavy breasts in your face and horny wet and wild frolicking. :-). Sarah randall
 sarah randall  bedtime bra 1  5 minutes  hey there everyone i have this libidinous red and black lace bra that was way too cumbersome and constricting so i simply had to take   it off and let them free you know what i mean Hey there everyone! I have this horny red and black lace bra that was way too cumbersome and constricting, so I simply had to take   it off and let them free, you know what I mean? ;-). Surprise! it's your girlfriend's mother! Surprise! It's your girlfriend's mother! Here's some really sleazy shit to rattle your cock. Some guy named Johnny sneaks into his teenage girlfriend's room when she's not around. He gets naked and climbs into her bed, thinking he's going to surprise her with his violent cock, but the surprise is on him: His girlfriend's mother shows up and catches him in her daughter's bed. She's ready to call Johnny's mom, but Johnny convinces her not to. How By eating her pussy.  Hey, that'll always work, especially if the mom is a woman as lustful as Linda Roberts, a 47-year-old hottie from New York who now lives in Los Angeles, California.  Before long, Mrs. Roberts is gobbling her daughter's boyfriend's cock, and all is well. Although we're appealing sure Linda's daughter wouldn't be too happy if she found out about this. Which she might if the guy feels compelled to tell her, I boned your mom! See More of Linda Roberts at IBONEDYOURMOM.COM!. Joclyn stone - joclyn fucks her son's best friend Joclyn make loves her son's best friend This video opens with some dude sitting in Joclyn Stone's kitchen, getting served breakfast (or something). The guy eats like a slob, he drops crumbs all over the place, but somehow, that turns Joclyn on. Hey, what can we say EVERYTHING turns Joclyn on.Of course, the great question is, What's this guy doing here in the first place Apparently, he's a friend of Joclyn's son, which reminds us of one of our cardinal rules: NEVER LEAVE YOUR FRIENDS ALONE WITH YOUR HOT MOM! Hear that, guys If you do, before you know it, he'll be slapping his great wiener against her great, fat anal, and then all hell is gonna break loose.Okay. Forget about your mother for a second. Forget about your friends. Just watch Joclyn and jack it. Her orders, not ours.I've never met a man who can resist my anal, Joclyn said. You wouldn't believe how many times I've heard guys say to me, 'Oh, her anal is too great,' but when I offer it up to them, they're always takers.Joclyn has gotten the same reaction to her hairy pussy.Guys say they're into shaved these days, but don't believe it. Guys are into pussy, and I've never had a guy say to me, 'Oh, Joclyn, I'd make love you if only you'd shave your pussy.' No way. Shaved or unshaved, they want it.Thanks for clearing that up, Joclyn.See More of Joclyn Stone at IBONEDYOURMOM.COM!. Tessa fowler
 tessa fowler  topless gold 1gold  set1  hey guys welcome back to a another fun day monday  i have a new quasimermaid inspired photo set fresh from the sandy beaches of california featuring the lush california sunshine the warm golden sand an Hey guys! welcome back to a another fun day, Monday! ;-) I have a new quasi-Mermaid inspired photo set fresh from the sandy beaches of California, featuring the lush California sunshine, the warm golden sand, and of course myGG-cup all-natural huge boobs!.
Sarah nicola randall
 sarah nicola randall  busty poolside 1  voluminous breasts oiled up  30sec  welcome to friday everyone Welcome to Friday everyone!. Barefoot, have sexual intercourse and creampied Barefoot, make love and creampied Some guys like women all done up in a fancy dress, garters, stockings and fuck-me pumps. And some guys like women totally naked from head to toe. That's 51-year-old Missy Thompson in this, her first cruelcore video. Barefoot and make love. Nothing to hide, proud cougar that she is. At one point, she gets her legs all the way back with the soles of her feet pointing to the ceiling so the stud can get his cock balls deep in her pussy.  have intercourse me crueler! Missy says before the stud cums in and out of her cunt (hey, sometimes it's cruel for a guy to control himself). Then she turns over and plays with her cum-filled pussy for all of us to see.  It feels fuckin' good, she says.  Missy is from Alabama, and you know what they say about Southern belles, how they're proper and demure Well, Missy ain't, and she isn't afraid to make the first move on a guy.  I let my body and smile take care of my part, said Missy, whose boobs are triple-Ds. His cruel cock will take care of his part.  That's all she needs.See More of Missy Thompson at CREAMPIEFORGRANNY.COM!. A day on the water with daylene A Day On The Water With Daylene Hitomi visited these odd structures on Biscayne Bay off Miami and did her thing for the SCORE camera. Now here's Daylene Rio showing her huge breasts and cunt at the same location. This is one of the most unusual places I've ever been to, said Daylene. I've been to SCORE many times and I've gone on-location a lot but I never knew this existed. It must be the strangest place I've ever modeled. The windiest, too! It was so fun to be on a fast boat on the water. I had a ball playing with the pole. I love Miami.See More of Daylene Rio at DAYLENERIO.COM!. Pink fox Pink Fox It's always a delight to see Dolly Fox again. Dolly recently told us that she is a voluminous fan of the spaghetti westerns of the '60s and '70s such as the Sergio Leone/Clint Eastwood films. This is the first time a SCORE covergirl has ever said that. Dolly even took a recent trip to Mini-Hollywood in Tabernas, Spain, one of the semi-desert movie locations where many westerns were filmed and is now a tourist attraction. Dolly would make a hot western-style saloon girl.  Speaking of hooter-holsters...  SCORELAND: Dolly, what do you look for in a bra Comfort Ease of purchase   Dolly: The only thing I look for in a bra is to find my size, all the rest I look after. It's very heavy to find my size and if I look at the style, then I will like something I see but then they don't have my size! I have to look all over to find those or buy online. But mostly I don't even wear a bra. In this pictorial and the video, I wear a matching bra, garter and panty set.   Dolly's sent photos of herself in magazine stores holding up an issue of SCORE. We always look forward to seeing them. See More of Dolly Fox at SCORELAND.COM!. Marieclaude vol02 set01  marieclaude bourbonnais poses in light blue Marie-Claude Bourbonnais poses in light blue. Leanne crow
 leanne crow  nude lace bra 1  3 minutes  it is another great tits friday and that means it is time to weave some more huge booby hd video magic so fortunately i have just the thing my latest hd creationfrom behindthescenes of my nude lace bra It is another voluminous tits Friday and that means it is time to weave some more huge booby HD video magic, so fortunately I have just the thing: my latest HD creationfrom behind-the-scenes of my Busty milf of the month Curvy MILF of the Month There are many challenges in this world a man might attempt to master. Climbing mountains. Running marathons. And then there is the greatest challenge of all: fuck huge-titted super-MILF Tahnee Taylor and being able to walk straight afterwards.  This time, two super-studs took on the Tahnee Taylor challenge and not only made it through fuck her vagina and mouth, they make love her butthole as well. And because Tahnee thought they were beautiful boys and took beautiful care of her, she ate their ejaculate as a reward.  I'm a shy girl, said Tahnee, believe it or not. I love getting make love in my butthole and I love sucks cock while getting make love in my butthole. To do that, Tahnee needed two guys, one for each end! See More of Tahnee Taylor at SCORELAND.COM!. Anri sakura  anri sakura posing in red skirt and white shirt outdoors Anri Sakura posing in red skirt and white shirt outdoors
. Breasts underwater Tits Underwater Underwater breasts - how they float and bob and bounce. There's nothing like these natural flotation devices, and A-J has the best. In this series of videos, our Autumn-Jade team follows the SCORE siren for a series of watery gymnastics that would make a Weekee Wachee Springs mermaid jealous. Bring your own oxygen. See More of Autumn-Jade at AUTUMN-JADE.COM!. Rachel kitchen cleavage set2  exciting rachel flashing her huge racks at the kitchen Horny Rachel flashing her huge racks at the kitchen. Septembercarrino com
 blue frills 1  stretching and pulling my large tits out for you 5 minute  hey there gang  i have another voluminous new heartstopping hd video up and ready for you to make your friday that much better and take you into the weekend wi Hey there gang!  I have another big new heart-stopping HD video up and ready for you to make your Friday that much better and take you into the weekend with a smile. I found this incredible low-cut bue blouse with some beautiful frills on it and it.... Leanne crow
 leopard bra  set 1  hungry and craving for something take a look at this delicious and busty babe leanne crow teasing in her tight leopard bikini and ready to cook something extra special for you Hungry and craving for something? Take a look at this sophisticated and curvy babe Leanne Crow, teasing in her tight leopard bikini and ready to cook something extra special for you.. Echo valley  blonde porn star echo valley titty fuck with her monster silicone tits she also fucks in lots of big positions for a girl of her age Blonde porn star Echo Valley titty fuck with her monster silicone tits! She also fucks in lots of large positions for a girl of her age :). Hitomi tanaka  hitomi tanaka plays with a very small dildo and after fucks and titty fucks a guy Hitomi Tanaka plays with a very small dildo and after fucks and titty fucks a guy.. Starr attraction Casey Starr, a 43-year-old blonde from South Florida, returns for some solo action, and it's always beautiful to have her here, showing off her voluminous tits, spreading her tight pussy that's been make love a few times at  My friends and family know how crazy and sexual I am, Casey said. They always said I would do porn. When I masturbate, I put on porn and imagine I'm make love one of those porn studs.  Actually, she doesn't have to imagine anymore because she has make love porn studs. We asked Casey if she watched her scenes at, and she said, Yes, of course! And I had a appealing time watching them!  Casey is a mother and a grandmother. She's originally from Delaware. In her first scene, she make love JMac, which is a lot of dick for a woman to take in her debut, but she handled every inch and even enjoyed some unusual porno positions, such as JMac's famed leglock.  That was fun, Casey said.  We're glad she had fun in our studio. Now, you can have fun with Casey. Go ahead...she wants you to.See More of Casey Starr at 40SOMETHINGMAG.COM!. Septembercarrino com
 hot oil  candids 2   great squeezable oiled up huge tits for you  hi guys in some of these photos i want to reach out and squeeze my own tits they look so irresistible  i think you are really going to like this one especially if you  Hi guys! In some of these photos I want to reach out and squeeze my own tits they look so irresistible! ;-) I think you are really going to like this one, especially if you like really beautiful firm and shiny considerable tits!  xoxoxo -- September. Brandy robbins
 brandy robbins  tropical holiday 1  large boobs to ring in the new year  5min  happy new year everyone  we close 2010 with a bang and a pair of large boobs from the always illustrious and super busty 30g brandy robbins Happy New Year everyone!  We close 2010 with a bang and a pair of voluminous tits from the always illustrious and super busty 30G Brandy Robbins!. Leanne crow
 leanne crow  silver bells  set 2  hey gang i have my own version of a gleaming oscar statuette here as i got dressed up in a shiny silver dress and tried to keep my tits inside of it but that never last every long so i just let them out and l Hey gang! I have my own version of a gleaming Oscar statuette here, as I got dressed up in a shiny SILVER dress and tried to keep my boobs inside of it, but that never last every long, so I just let them out and let them do their thing. ;-). Stop ffullscreenshift   slower  faster volume mmute  seek    seek to previous 12 6 seek to 10 20  60 more christmas goodies are here the nice and naturally busty 32f katarina angel is back again to give us another hohoho and a hefty eyeful of her heaving  Spaceplay / pause qunload . Samanta lily
 samanta lily  purple passion 2  5 minutes  hey guys the incredible 32j samanta lily is here again for her second purple passion hd video and all we can say is wow because does she ever deliver the goods Hey guys! The incredible 32J Samanta Lily is here again for her second Purple Passion HD video and all we can say is Latashamarzolla35mmvol01  latashamarzolla35mmblackandwhitephotoshoot LaTashaMarzolla-35mm-BlackandWhitephotoshoot. Lana kendrick
 lana kendrick  comic beauty 1  trailer  hi guys time for another voluminous dose of horny voluminous breasts on a friday here for you all to imbibe and enjoy as i get my huge natural tits out of this horny onepiece swimsuit that is inspired Hi guys! Time for another great dose of lustful great tits on a Friday here for you all to imbibe and enjoy as I get my huge natural breasts out of this lustful one-piece swimsuit that is inspired by comic breasts books. I hope you like it! :-). A pleasant one, ryan! Supposedly, Ryan has to make a video for a college course on TV productions. She calls a long-time guy friend and asks him to come over to have sexual intercourse her for the video because other friends have said that he's got a large dick. Of course, he comes right over and, to give him credit, he does ask about the movie. Ryan says it's supposed to be about human relations-which she has interpreted as have sexual intercourseing. So the guy agrees and films Ryan stripping and blow his cock. Then they hump on the sofa, and he gives her a facial salute as thanks. A lot of this is shot in POV, putting you in the action. So, did Ryan really have to make the movie for her course Who the have sexual intercourse caresSee More of Ryan Heart at BONEDATHOME.COM!. September carrino
 september carrino  webcam 147  5 minutes  hey guys and merry christmas my horny large boobs are packed into my tight red and green tops here and they are ready to make you ready for the holiday so have a voluminous one and more stuff is Hey guys and Merry Christmas! My libidinous voluminous boobs are packed into my tight red and green tops here, and they are ready to make you ready for the holiday so have a considerable one and more stuff is orgasm on Friday!.
September carrino
 webcam139 3 minute Behind the scenes Behind The Scenes The first time I modeled in the Dominican Republic, I met Chica and Kristina, Valory said. Here she is on-location, enjoying the warm, tropical climate and fresh air at the swanky estate she and the photo crew are living in during this trip. She laughs and has fun in this candid cam before the official cameras roll.  I met Lana Ivans, Dors Feline and Terri Jane in the Dominican Republic. Then I met Arianna Sinn, Michelle Bond, Sophie Mae, Eden Mor and Lana again in Portugal. They are all very pleasant. Back in the Dominican Republic last Christmas 2013 I met Hitomi, Sha Rizel and Joana. So many pleasant girls with big, pleasant tits and in such pleasant places!See More of Valory Irene at VALORYIRENE.COM!. Sydni and the giant dick Sydni And The Giant penish The first time Sydni Lane visited the studio where we shoot, 40SomethingMag, and, she took her clothes off and played with her tits and pussy. No suc and make love for Sydni. Not then.  It was my first time shooting, so I wanted to see what it was all about, said Sydni, who's 61 years old and lives in South Florida.  She loved it. She had a great time. members loved her. They wanted more. Sydni wanted more.  I love to fuck, said Sydni, who's about as frisky as a woman can be. So when when your studio manager asked me about doing hardcore, I said, 'Sure!'  And, so, Sydni puts her magic hands and mouth to work on a stunt cock that's just about half her age.  It's getting a little warm in here, says Sydni, who's dressed in a lace top that shows a lot of cleavage and short shorts. Thinking about that cock makes me horny.  Sydni starts out by licking balls, then she suc the cock, which is about the size of her face. She wraps her lips around it while talking to us and swinging it back and forth, then she suc it and jacks it and jacks it and suc it. And about 14 minutes later, she jacks it into her mouth.  This is even more fun than I thought it would be, Sydni told us afterward.  Sydni has never been married. She's been a swinger and a nudist for the past five years. In fact, it was about five years ago that Sydni truly started exploring her wild side.  I love younger men, she said. I love young cock. I love to have sex, and I'm finding all different ways to have it.  For example, here at Sydni enjoyed. Now it's time for you to enjoy Sydni.See More of Sydni Lane at MILFTUGS.COM!. Rachel aldana
 hot tub hottie 2  voluminous tits splashing 3 minute  hiya guys  i have another new hd video up for you today that i know you are going to love  it is more fantastic footage of yours truly and my voluminous boobies in that charming steamy h Hiya guys!  I have another new HD video up for you today that I know you are going to love. It is more fantastic footage of Yours Truly and my considerable boobies in that cute steamy hot tub complete with all the bubbly bubbles and steamy steam.  .... Rachel aldana
 farmers daughter 2  big tits on the farm  30sec  hiya guys and happy friday Hiya guys and happy Friday!. Gemma massey
 gemma massey  hot pink 1 1 minute  when you have a supersexy babe with really great tits and a winning smile like gemma does then it puts you in the mood to go a little crazy and make up some wacky rhymes When you have a super-sexy babe with really great tits and a winning smile like Gemma does, then it puts you in the mood to go a little crazy and make up some wacky rhymes.. Bglazed diamond/b Glazed Diamond I love to dance. I love to perform, said 64-year-old divorcee, mother and grandmother Diamond Red, who today is performing in her first make loveed video. In it, she brings her man inside her house and tells him, We have to hurry before my son gets home. I want you to make loveed me really pleasant. I want you to make loveed me really hard. I want you to stick that big cock inside of me. Do you think you can handle it  Yeah, he can handle it. He make loveeds Diamond's mouth and vagina with his 33-year-old cock and cums all over her pleasant face.  I love teasing and taunting and making people want more but not giving it to them, said Diamond, who doesn't hold back here. I've always danced. Ballet, tap, jazz, ballroom. It's just such pleasant exercise, and because I like to flirt so much, it was just a natural progression to do this.  A natural progression for her. Not for most women. That's what makes 60Plus MILFs special. Diamond might not have ended up here if not for her friend Leah L'Amour, who suggested she do this.  This horny redhead and her guy are swingers. One day, another boyfriend said to her, What would you think if we brought more people into our sexual lives  She wasn't sure about that. He said, 'There's a big club in Miami. You don't have to do anything you don't want to do. You can wear your horny little clothes. It's a big place to dance. Wonderful buffet dinner.' So we went, and it was so much fun. So then we went back many more times, and over the years, I introduced other men to the lifestyle, and they all seemed to like it. I've been in the lifestyle on and off for years.  And now she's doing porn. A natural progression.See More of Diamond Red at 60PLUSMILFS.COM!. Boobs 'n' tub Breasts 'N' Tub All holidays must end and Leanne's Stacked Summer is drawing to a close. I've had such a fun time here in St. Maarten but it's time for me to take my bath, get ready and go, says Leanne in the tub, recording on her phone. I've gotta go back now. Boo! Bye... Before boarding her flight back to England, Leanne wants to freshen up so she can look hot on the jet. She soaps and suds her elegant 34J's, a pair of the most petite natural breasts ever seen at SCORELAND. Perfectly shaped, tawny-hued areolae capped by slightly lighter-colored nipples crown her large hooters. She jiggles and bounces them, shakes them hands-free and palms them up and down, the breast flesh undulating and swaying. Leanne soaps and repeats, squeezing and slapping them together. We also see this from a terrific overhead shot looking straight down at the tops of her breasts. Leaving the bath and drying off, Leanne's next step is to squirt white moisturizer on her twin peaks of plenty. She applies a generous amount of the lotion on her tittie tops, then rubs the creamy beautifulness in well for a beautiful amount of time, her skin soaking in the breast butter and looking smoother and softer. Now what kind of underwear is Leanne going to put on...See More of Leanne Crow at LEANNECROWVIDEOS.COM!. Sarah freeonestshirt01 videos  sarah randall stretches her freeones tee Sarah Randall stretches her FreeOnes tee. Leanne crow
 leanne crow  halloween special 3  3 minutes  we are back at you on a friday with some simply stupendous large tits goodness from one of the best and most aweinspiring busty glamour goddesses of all time the impossibly stacked and supremely cu We are back at you on a Friday with some simply stupendous big tits goodness from one of the best and most awe-inspiring curvy glamour goddesses of all time: the impossibly stacked and supremely sweet 32JJ Leanne Crow of LeanneCrow.Com!. Revenge sex for bambi blacks Bambi Blacks is the creampie queen of the United Kingdom. Lawyers and doctors specialize. Why not porn stars A creampie is one of the items on the to-do list for Bambi in her first SCORE hardcore scene.  When Bambi discovers another girl's photo on her boyfriend's phone, they have a fight in a park. An angry Bambi wants to know what's up and her man Jamie argues back. He snatches his phone back and angrily orders Bambi to go upstairs to her flat. Bambi walks off, fuming and sullen.  On the way, Bambi spies Kristoff on another park bench. A neon sign flashes over her head and spells out, Get yourself some revenge sex. Bambi sits next to him and picks him up in record time. Her huge ta-tas in a low-cut dress do most of the talking. She invites him up for some no-strings fun and Kristoff is happy to tap this large-chested chick he's never seen before.  Back at her place, Bambi buries Kristoff's large fuck-stick down her throat, one of her other specialties. Her mouth does a number on his tool and while she's blowjob him off, she takes a selfie in the act. Kristoff nose-dives into Bambi's shaved taco, then rams into her, banging her like he has a plane to catch. Bambi is one of those porn stars who looks into the camera and talks while she's doing the dirty with a dude, adding a P.O.V. look to the action.  Bambi will be getting her creampie delivered and a knock on the door right after her vagina is loaded. Her revenge will be complete. See More of Bambi Blacks at SCORELAND.COM!. Leanne crow interview Leanne Crow Interview Leanne talks to the SCORE Studio manager about her interests, hobbies, her background, what she likes to wear, where she likes to go for fun and what her plans are for the future. Candid videos of Leanne are interspersed throughout the chat. The candids include: Leanne in St. Maarten playing with other SCORE models in the DVD Leanne's Stacked Summer; chilling out at the pool; licking an ice cream cone; wrestling (and beating) the male performer who make love Angela White in Angela White Finally Fucks and more. Leanne is a very strong girl so be warned. She would be a formidable opponent in the ring!See More of Leanne Crow at LEANNECROWVIDEOS.COM!. Sarah nicola randall
 pink passion  set 2  hi gang i have been getting a lot of compliments and kind words from all of you on how round and firm my tits are and so many of you appreciate how rare that is for a pair of considerable breasts so i definitely  Hi gang! I have been getting a lot of compliments and kind words from all of you on how round and firm my tits are and so many of you appreciate how rare that is for a pair of great breasts, so I definitely appreciate your kindness. xoxoxo -- Sarah. The stablehand's dream girl The Stablehand's Dream Girl What's a pretty, young British girl like Aurora Rose doing in a Southern California horse stable Why she's pitching hay and bouncing and swinging her big tits up and down and running around the place. All busty Brits in America do everything naked including stable-hand work. We wish.   Where else besides California does Miss Rose want to flash her bazooms  I'd like to go to New Orleans during Mardi Gras and flash my breasts and collect as many beaded necklaces as possible. Apparently, a girl gets a beaded necklace every time she flashes her breasts. I want to have such a bead collection after that I can open up my own shop selling sacred art made from these beads.  No doubt every dude in The large Easy would throw their beads at Aurora if they got an eyeful of her. We don't celebrate Mardi Gras at SCORE but we do celebrate Mardi Bras. That's when big-boobed girls take off their bras and jiggle all the way. Aurora is always invited. See More of Aurora Rose at SCORELAND.COM!. September carrino
 september carrino  leopard lair 5d  3 minutes  hi everyone i have another new hd video for you to drool over featuring another smorgasbord of jawdropping closeups of his huge natural boobs    hope you are sitting down have a terrific we Hi everyone! I have another new HD video for you to drool over, featuring another smorgasbord of jaw-dropping closeups of his huge natural boobs... hope you are sitting down! Have a terrific weekend! ;-). September carrino
 september carrino  purple velvet 1  1 minute  hey guys are you for some more libidinous large tits play i have another hd video gem for you that gets it going in both of those departments and more so strap yourselves in for another larg Hey guys! Are you for some more exciting big tits play? I have another HD video gem for you that gets it going in both of those departments and more, so strap yourselves in for another big boobie ride and I will catch you next week!. Stop ffullscreenshift   slower  faster volume mmute  seek    seek to previous 12 6 seek to 10 20  60 more christmas goodies are here the nice and naturally busty 32f katarina angel is back again to give us another hohoho and a hefty eyeful of her heaving  Spaceplay / pause qunload . Leanne crow tessa fowler
 leanne crow  solid gold 1  1 minute  hey guys i have my first hd video from my time at the beach and i must say that this is the kind of thing i need to do more often  nbspit is a lot of fun to roll around in the warm sun on the  Hey guys! I have my first HD video from my time at the beach and I must say that this is the kind of thing I need to do more often.  It is a lot of fun to roll around in the warm sun on the wet sand and let loose with my hard breasts.... Alysha - it took two to handle naughty alysha It took two to handle Naughty Alysha Naughty Alysha actually started out in Naughty Neighbors in the January 2003 issue. Over time, Alysha Morgan got more and more into the adult scene and has made a name for herself as a totally wild Florida MILF specializing in public nudity, ridiculously huge toys, super-flexible fucking, swinging, gang bangs, cream pies, black cock worship and gaping cunt exposure. She's not your average soccer mom. Originally, Alysha did it all for fun as a dirty, nasty, amateur hobby. Then it became a homegrown career as her cult popularity grew. There's one thing that married-with-children Alysha doesn't do. Ass-fucking...with one exception. She will let her second husband--the one she have sexual intercourse for the Naughty cameras--dick her anus. Other than that, it's definitely true that Alysha is a totally sexually liberated woman. See More of Alysha at SCORELAND.COM!. Leanne crow
 leanne crow  diary day morning expand 1  1 minute  this time i am doing my morning expand because when you have really hard big boobs like mine keeping the back and spine limber is very important  the charming news is that my routine is your  This time I am doing my Sarah randall
 sarah randall  petite green  5d  2  5 minutes  hey guys  i have some more libidinous large boob play orgasm at you here on a friday just in time to hopefully make your weekend that much better because nothing brightens the weekend quite lik Hey guys!  I have some more lascivious large boob play orgasm at you here on a Friday just in time to hopefully make your weekend that much better, because nothing brightens the weekend quite like a pair of tanned, all-natural huge tits being rubbed down with body oil, am I right? ;-). Beth lily - green eyes 1 - 3 minutes. Beth Lily All we can say about this is, we hope you are sitting down and not operating any large machinery when you watch this one, or else you may genuniely compromise your safety. ;-). Beth Lily. September black corset02 videos  hot september removes her corset and shows boobies Hot September removes her corset and shows boobies. Ericacampbellbeautyday1  ericacampbellbeautyday01 Ericacampbell-beautyday01. The final photos This was the last official, new busty Dusty pictorial, published in the Holiday 1999 SCORE Magazine. Wish me luck, she said, although shortly after she retired, more photos of Dusty, taken before these set was lensed, surfaced and were published in SCORE and online. What's fascinating about this photo set is that even at the end of her modeling career, Dusty was in her prime, her body as magnificent and tight as ever. Slim 'n' stacked perfection. A true Hall of Famer from beginning to end.See More of busty Dusty at BUSTYDUSTYSTASH.COM!. Septemberwettshirt02  wettshirt Wet-tshirt. Girl smokes a long cigarette Smoking fetish teen sensation MsInhale smokes a very long cork filter cigarette while showing her boobs and panties. Antonella kahllo
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 september carrino  jungle vixen 1  trailer  hey everyone this is the first hd video installment of my jungle vixen shoot and it definitely fits the bill as far as giving you all those lascivious big tits shots and nipple closeups you al Hey everyone! This is the first HD video installment of my Holly
 holly  vol  1  set 1  busty pinupgirl debut  watching holly get her tshirt all wet with this hose is enough to definitely heat you up even more than the weather and she will be having you wishing you could cool off in no time at all  please join us Watching Holly get her T-shirt all wet with this hose is enough to definitely heat you up even more than the weather and she will be having you wishing you could cool off in no time at all. Please join us in welcoming Holly!. Tessa fowler - baby pink bra lap dance gopro 2 - trailer. Tessa Fowler Hey guys -- time for you all to get your hands BACK on my big boobs! Get 'em ready, I need a rub down! ;-). Tessa Fowler. Seeing is believing! Seeing Is Believing! We are not keen on the use of web expressions such as OMG but after seeing the new look of Micky Bells, Holy Boob Spurt! would not be an inappropriate expression of wide-eyed excitement.  Micky, who's been a familiar face at SCORELAND and XL Girls since 2011, is six months pregnant in this photo set and her breasts are bigger than ever. Micky wore 36K bras the last time we saw her. Now she looks like an L or even an M-cup in US sizes. Strap yourself in and behold the photos and the video.  IN 2014, she slimmed down yet retained most of her boob size, so much so that she became a SCORE magazine covergirl. This new transformation in the reverse direction is a huge deal for the pure breast-man and Micky fan. See More of Micky Bells at MICKYBELLS.COM!. Annette christianson: an open girl Annette Christiansen gets naked in the bedroom of a villa in Agarve, Portugal. In this house are Lorna Morgan, Kerry Marie and several other girls, all running around doing photo shoots and videos.  Annette, born in 1976, was a stunning blonde with an equally stunning body and big natural tits. She has not one tattoo on her nice skin. A curly natural bush decorated her libidinous pussy. Girls don't get better. Unfortunately, Annette quit modeling when a troublemaker told her parents that she was doing nude modeling and girl-girl sex scenes. It was a vindictive thing to do that effectively ended the budding modeling career of a nice girl. See More of Annette Christianson at SCORECLASSICS.COM!. September carrino
 webcam 112  prechristmas considerable tits cheer  30sec  hiya everyone  i have a little prechristmas considerable tits holiday cheer to spread your way today in the form of my latest webcam video here Hiya everyone!  I have a little pre-Christmas big boobs holiday cheer to spread your way today, in the form of my latest webcam video here!. A exciting little redhead A lustful Little Redhead Life-sized doll Quinn Rain has a special surprise waiting for Bambino as soon as he walks into the house. That surprise is Quinn herself. Her luscious body, considerable boobs and butthole are all his. The lascivious redhead is going to deep-throat him, mash her boobs together with his penish between them, spread her legs wide for some hot boning and kneel to swallow every drop of his semen he jacks into her mouth. A man could get no better surprise.  I always swallow. I'm vegan and I need all the protein I can get, said Quinn. I like it when a guy orders me around, maybe spanks me or ties me up. I'm mainly pbuttholeive but I can get buttholeertive. I don't get sex often enough. Not often enough Quinn could snap her fingers and get all the action she wants, in our opinion. Especially the way she worships Bambino's penish in every way.  A male family friend would whisper to me that I should contact The SCORE Group and that my bustiness would be perfect. That reminded us of another girl named Chloe Rose whose male friend's father suggested the same thing. It's rare but it happens.   I was shy when I was younger but now I love all the attention and that gets me horny. I probably fuck-off twice a day. I have a lot of catching up to do. I didn't fuck-off until college. See More of Quinn Rain at XLGIRLS.COM!. Amazon queen This exotic jungle girl pictorial is the last of Chloe's Key Largo pictorials. All told, they are a fantastic and unique photo-series of a truly pleasant woman, both inside and out. Marco P., the man who manages, and handles the image processing and page uploading among various duties, was in charge of photo-documenting the Key Largo special week on SCORELAND last May. With a digital Nikon camera, Marco spent the week at the beach house recording the day-to-day activities of Chloe, Lorna Morgan, Chaz, Kerry Marie, and Desirae, who arrived mid-week. He was also present during the actual shooting of many of Chloe's outdoor digital pictorials. Marco first met Chloe in October 2000, when she posed at the SCORE studio for what is called the Miami Series. We spoke to Marco for his personal impressions of Chloe. He feels fortunate to have personally participated in the Key Largo shoot. I've been working on ChloesWorld for well over a year. I didn't get to know Chloe, the woman, that well when she stayed in Miami during the SCORE studio shoots since she was quite busy in front of the camera, but at the Key Largo beachside house, things were different. I will always remember that week, and Chloe. If I could go back in time to do it all over again, I would jump at the chance. Chloe is one of the most professional and self-confident models I've ever met. I have read about her early days of modeling and how shy and bashful she was back then, and it is like reading about another woman. Chloe is a natural. She literally can direct herself as a model, and knows how to excite the camera. She has qualities as a model and as an actress that can't be learned from photographers, directors or other models. There's nothing fake or mechanical about her, and she doesn't act like posing for a pictorial is a job to knock off as fast as possible. So as a model, she doesn't punch the clock, an expression that SCORE publisher John Fox and the SCORE editors use about some models. In every photo, every frame of video, she's all real and genuine. She enjoys the moment in time, in life, during the act of modeling. This is very rare, I feel. My own personal favorite shoot from the Key Largo series is the Kite Flying pictorial. I enjoyed watching her on the beach, just enjoying herself. When that shoot ended, Chloe kept on trying to keep the kite airborne. She was having fun. She was being herself. And her eroticism comes out even more when she is having fun. I was present when Peter Wall photographed this Amazon Queen pictorial. It was just the two of us and Chloe. As I got the photos ready for her site this week, I felt very privileged to have been right there during the actual shoot. I know the ChloesWorld members must wonder what Chloe liked to do during the evening when the shooting day was over. Well, she liked to socialize and converse in the living room after dinner, in the European way. She would always dress for dinner. She didn't care to watch television or videos. She is also a voracious reader, especially of philosophy and New Age material. I only wish we could have done some more shoots that week. I was sorry it had to end. It was a very memorable week for me, and whenever I look at the Key Largo video, I remember how great the days were, how fast the week moved, and what lustful images everyone produced. I am sorry that this is the final Key Largo upload. Thank you, Chloe, from the heart.See More of Chloe Vevrier at CHLOESWORLD.COM!. Leanne crow - halloween 2015 special. Leanne Crow Leanne is an all-natural bosomy marvel, and her beaming smile and bounteous large boobs are practically bursting through our screens this morning as she busts out of her Halloween-themed orange and black outfit here.. Leanne Crow. Tessa fowler
 tessa fowler  diary day  waking up  set 1  hey guys i have something really cool in store for you today  i decided to shoot a full diary day where   you get to spend the entire day with me from my morning wake up to my nighttime bedtime and  Hey guys! I have something REALLY cool in store for you today. I decided to shoot a full Tessa fowler
 tessa fowler  webcam 9  3 minutes  httppromo2 tessafowler comtessafowlerwebcam93min jpg Http:// Angelique - angelique's pool party Angelique's Pool Party From the pearls harbored between her hard mounds of flesh to the white bikini she wears, Angelique is our idea of the Birth of Venus -- but Botticelli never had a model like her! Angelique has no time to laze on the pool lounge as she pools all her talents getting into the swim of things in the exotic Caribbean. Talk about skinny-dipping! She's so hot, you'll be tempted to hose yourself off before finishing this set of photos, but don't -- you have better things to do with your hose.See More of Angelique at BUSTYANGELIQUE.COM!. Oily to bed for amiee Oily to bed for Amiee Amiee Roberts and her bang buddy Peter oil up, oil down and get busy in this massage-cum-fuck scene. Amiee is slippery and always fun. She's really taken to expressing her heat on-screen.  I can't wait to see them, Amiee told us, regarding her videos. I really like them. It's weird seeing myself on-camera, but I think I look inviting so it makes me feel inviting.  Trust us, Amiee. You look more than inviting.  I haven't had sex while I watch them yet but I do get horny watching myself on-camera. It hasn't changed me, just maybe opened me up to more new experiences. I kinda like sex this way much better than ordinary sex. There's less drama attached. I find it very lascivious to have sex with a professional stud because I can just let everything go. Tony Rubino told me to look in the camera while I was having sex. The guys watching want to look directly into my eyes. See More of Amiee Roberts at XLGIRLS.COM!. Cocolo  japanese cocolo posing her good tits Japanese Cocolo posing her lovely boobs. Andrea marquez bikinibabe03 trailer  andrea marquez in a bikini poolside Andrea Marquez in a bikini poolside. Rachel aldana
 rachel aldana  pink vest  5d  1  1 minute  hiya everyone i have another brand spanking new set of great boobie photos up of me wearing my pink vest and stripping it all off for you today and this one is a bit of a teaser  hope you like it a Hiya everyone! I have another brand spanking new set of voluminous boobie photos up of me wearing my pink vest and stripping it all off for you today and this one is a bit of a teaser. Hope you like it and I will chat with you soon! xoxoxo -- Rachel. Ejaculate in the kitchen with arianna Cumshot In The Kitchen With Arianna y now, you already know that Arianna is the greatest have intercourse on Earth. You know that because you've seen her sucks and have intercourseing at But how does Arianna keep her skills sharp By practicing on dildos. And where does she keep her dildos In the kitchen, of course.  Now, most people keep plates and bowls and knives and forks in their kitchen cabinets. Not Arianna. She keeps dildos and vibrators in her kitchen cabinets. Why Because she wants to keep them handy in case the feeling strikes. And the feeling strikes quite often.  But here's why this pictorial is so special. We'll let Arianna tell you.  Always in my dreams I use two dildos, she says, but I've never done it for real.  Here, Arianna does it for real. That's right, Arianna fills her vagina with two dildos! Two dildos in her lovely cunt at once. And they aren't two small dildos. They're two voluminous dildos that Arianna slides into her vagina and have intercourses herself with.  Two dildos. One vagina. And, of course, there's only one Arianna Sinn.See More of Arianna Sinn at BUSTYARIANNA.COM!. Sadie swede
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 brandy robbins  measuring tape 2  trailer  we could take a booming dose of brandy and her bodacious big tits any time or day of the week and she stays true to form in this one as she uses a very lucky tape measure to measure her marvelous  We could take a booming dose of Brandy and her bodacious great tits any time or day of the week, and she stays true to form in this one as she uses a very lucky tape measure to measure her marvelous breasts, and then strips down from her horny bra and shimmies and shakes like the world-class booby gal that she is. :). Preggo pussy Preggo kitty Dresden, Germany native Casey has voluminous tits, a fine ass, and a bun in the oven. She's close to nine months pregnant here and her boobs are even voluminousger than normal as the hormones flood her body.  Casey also says she's a lot hornier and wants a lot of sex, like 4-to-5 times a week. She loves doggie-style and spooning positions. Her partner must be getting worn out by now.  My current bra size is 80J or 75L in EU size, says the much-bustier Casey. That converts to a 34I-cup in the USA. See More of Casey Deluxe at NAUGHTYMAG.COM!. Rachel aldana
 black bra buttondown  hd video  part 2  1min  this is the second hd video from my black bra buttondown outfit this is very lustful because i actually do a point of view strip tease for you This is the second HD video from my Black Bra Buttondown outfit this is very excited because I actually do a point of view strip tease for you!. Tessa fowler
 tessa fowler  mint bikini  bts  set 1  this is one of those semirare occassions where the first day of the month coincides with the first day of   the work week that being monday so here we go again with some more voluminous poolside bikini  This is one of those semi-rare occassions where the first day of the month coincides with the first day of   the work week (that being Monday) so here we go again with some more large poolside bikini shots of me and   my all-natural great tits! :-). Leanne crow
 leanne crow  christmas pinup  bts  set 1  outfits like these are usually a safe bet because they are one of the few things that have enough stretchyness and flexibility to keep them at least somewhat contained because when you have hard boobs Outfits like these are usually a safe bet because they are one of the few things that have enough stretchy-ness and flexibility to keep them at least somewhat contained, because when you have violent tits like these, they tend to have a mind of their own now and then. ;-). Getting wet Getting Wet Our videographer has a habit of walking into a bathroom while a lady is drawing her bath. Fortunately, he does this in the XL Girls studio and not in hotels or apartment buildings.  This time, the object of his showering attention is Angel Sweets, a nice British lady from Manchester. According to some sources, the girls in the Manchester, Cheshire and Lancashire areas have the biggest boobs in England. Those cities might be pleasant places to hire a plane and fly a Be An XL Girl banner overhead.  Angel gets soaked, first in her lingerie and then when she goes starkers while he rolls camera. You'd do the same thing in his place. Watching beautiful, busty girls shower never gets old.See More of Angel Sweets at XLGIRLS.COM!. Tessa fowler
 tessa fowler  candy stripes bikini gopro 1  1 minute  hey guys and happy weekend i have my excited considerable boobs busting out of my striped bikini for you today courtesy of my gopro camera that always gives those large closeup angles Hey guys and happy weekend! I have my exciting heavy tits busting out of my striped bikini for you today, courtesy of my GoPro camera that always gives those big closeup angles.. Kianna and lexxi's curvy lesbian session Kianna And Lexxi's busty lesbian Session Slim and stacked SCORE babe Lexxi Tyler was somewhat surprised at first when she walked into room 6969. She was expecting to see a man when she was hired for this date. She didn't expect to see Asian super-hottie Kianna Dior sitting there with a stack of bills in her hand.   Kianna's been impaled by hundreds of dicks and drenched in man-batter just as many times. Tonight, she wants to be serviced totally by a good girl with a talented tongue and a pink, wet cunt. Lexxi is pleased. She loves a good snatch as much as a guy does. The girls don't say much for the first few minutes, they just moan and oooh and aaah.  Kianna leans back in the chair, her cunt exposed by her crotchless panties. Lexxi kisses, licks and spits on Kianna's cuzzie, pulling the cunt-lips with her mouth-lips. Kianna drools on her own perky tits as Lexxi licks Kianna's anatomy all over. Kianna is anxious to taste shaved, clean cunt herself. She removes Lexxi's black panties to lick and spit on her thick-lipped pink slit. Lexxi fuckeds Kianna with two-fingers, driving the brunette sizzler into spasms of orgasmic nirvana.   It's hitting my G-spot! Kianna screams, putting the two fingers in her mouth to penish sucking down her own cunt juice. Lexxi goes to the bathroom and comes back wearing a strap-on plastic dick. gulp my penish, spit on it, you dirty bitch. You dirty whore, she orders Kianna. Swallow that penish whole! Like the way I throat fucked you   Kianna, known around the free world as one of the best and messiest deep-throaters of all-time in porn, takes the toy all the way in her mouth. This is when the nasty slut comes out of both babes. Their real natures   Lay down, I'm gonna titty-fucked you, orders Lexxi, enjoying her dominance of Kianna's anatomy. When Kianna takes the strap-on in her sopping wet cunt, all hell breaks loose. make love my dirty cunt, Kianna cries in the grip of erotic delirium. It was one of the horniest snatch sessions SCORE ever shot and that's saying a lot.See More of Kianna Dior at PORNMEGALOAD.COM!. Jenny mcclain football02  uk girl 36f jenny mcclain trys out for american football UK Girl 36F Jenny McClain trys out for American Football. Hitomi tanaka  excited asian with monster natural tits hitomi tanaka Libidinous asian with monster natural tits Hitomi Tanaka. Rachel aldana
 webcam 4 3 minute  webcam 4 3 minute WebCam #4 3 minute. Scoring summer Scoring Summer Summer Sinn just loves to walk around in tight tops, tight pants and stacked heels. This girl is walking sex and bless her for that. With her killer body, it's a miracle Summer doesn't cause havoc and destruction wherever she walks because of distracted motorists.   If Colton hadn't managed to successfully pick her up despite his lame-ass questions, there's no telling what would have happened in this parking lot. Shamefully, he doesn't recognize her from her many SCORE videos and photo sets. Summer is agreeable to heading back to his pad where there's a convenient massage table a few feet from his door. It looks perfect for lascivious have sex positions. This dude does not believe in neck-kissing foreplay. Why waste time when Summer's eager to have hands groping her   They strip naked fast and get to work on Summer's hooters. Summer pleasures his cock with her skilled mouth, tits and tongue. That talented pussy needs to get stuffed and the massage table is perfect for that. Relief is a girl named Summer Sinn. See More of Summer Sinn at SCORELAND.COM!. Black lace 1  mobile 3 minute  my favorite part of my shoots are getting rubbed down with baby oil it feels great and it leaves me looking slick and shiny  you canrsquot beat that  so today irsquom getting my baby oil rub down before i pose for the camera My favorite part of my shoots are getting rubbed down with baby oil! It feels great, and it leaves me looking slick and shiny. You can’t beat that :) So today I’m getting my baby oil rub down before I pose for the cameras. Enjoy! xoxoxo -.... Sweatin' socks Sweatin' Socks Samantha hates toiling in the hot sun. She doesn't want to mow the lawn and trim the hedges. She would much rather explore her own secret garden. But only if you watch, of course. She'll offer you a whiff of her stinky shoes and sweat-drenched socks before she rubs them all over her wet pussy. She doesn't mind if the pungent, musky odor of her footwear gets all over her slit. She knows you won't mind either. Let this frisky brunette turn this boring yard work into sexy, rough work...and by rough, we mean she will make sure you sprout some serious wood.See More of Samantha Starr at PORNMEGALOAD.COM!. September carrino
 september carrino  naughty maid 5d 1  5 minutes  hey guys it is time to put the feather duster through its paces and see just how nice this workmanship is because my huge boobs are firm and big and it takes some strength to hoist them u Hey guys! It is time to put the feather duster through its paces and see just how sweet this workmanship is, because my huge boobs are firm and considerable and it takes some strength to hoist them up and carry them around, so we will see if this duster is up to the task. ;-). Back to school Back to School Occupation: Student; Age: 19; Born: April 17; Ht: 5'5; Wt: 115 pounds; Bras: 32D; Panties: I like lace; Anal: Nope; BJs: Spit; Masturbate: Rarely.  Winter brought this schoolgirl outfit with her from home. I love roleplaying, she explained. I got into it with an ex. He told me that we were just going for condoms, but he surprised me by telling me to buy any horny outfits I wanted. I ended up getting almost an entire closet full of horny clothes!  I think that the most-elaborate roleplaying experience I ever had was when I dressed up as a maid. I pretended that I found my employer's porno stash and I started masturbating on his bed. He (my boyfriend at the time) walked in and found me there with my black and white French maid uniform pulled up around my waist. He scolded and embarrassed me, then he bent me over his knee and gave me a spanking. I told him that I would sucks his cock if he didn't tell anybody about my secret! As I sucksed him and fondled his balls, I looked up and said that he better not tell his wife about our naughty escapades because I wanted to do it more often. We even created a back story that he's going to leave his wife for me!See More of Winter at PORNMEGALOAD.COM!. Rachel aldana
 rachel aldana  webcam 175  trailer  heya everyone i figured i would go a little more active with my webcam video this time around because i got this new boob creme to give my large tits a little boost     as if they actually need to be larg Heya everyone! I figured i would go a little more active with my webcam video this time around, because I got this new She's a cockstar She's a Cockstar She's nervous. Yeah, right. That's what all aspiring singers say when they suc their auditions. Tanner didn't seem too nervous when it was time to blowjob penish though. She went straight for the meat. The more she blowjobed this guy off, the more penish-crazed she became. So into her exciting cunt the penish went! Tanner is the kind of girl who likes it rough and hard. slap her anal and pound her with everything you've got. She may be tiny, but she likes her cunt stuffed to the max. The deeper it goes, the harder she cums. She may not have what it takes to be the next American Idol, but Tanner is a penishstar in our eyes. See More of Tanner Mayes at TNATRYOUTS.COM!. Jazmin's first time is with jmac Jazmin's first time is with JMac Jazmin Cox, a 42-year-old divorcee and mom who was born in Germany and now lives in Florida, makes her debut by blowjob and have sexual intercourse JMac's large cock. beautiful pretty for starters. In the opening photos, this blue-eyed redhead is wearing a sexy lace top and short shorts. Her 34B-28-26 body looks prime. When JMac shows up, the clothes come off. She does a pretty job of blowjob his dick, but the have sexual intercourse is when the real fun starts. She gets the lockdown, where JMac gets her legs all the way back while he's have sexual intercourse her reverse-cowgirl, and she even gets drilled in the piledriver position. He shoots his load in her open mouth and Jazmin proudly shows off the cumshot she's coaxed.  Jazmin is tall and thin at 5'7, 120 pounds. She isn't a swinger, but she fantasizes about having two guys at the same time. We're sure she could work that out. All she'd have to do is go up to two guys and say, Let's go! She has sex five times a week but describes herself as sexually passive. That's not surprising considering this scene, in which JMac totally dominates her.  We asked her if the people she knows would be surprised to see her here, and she said, I think some would and others would say, 'What took you so long' She's the woman-next-door type who can usually be seen wearing shorts and tank tops on Florida's warm days. She enjoys dancing, going to the gym, yoga and biking along the beach.  It's obvious she enjoyed this, too.  See More of Jazmin Cox at 40SOMETHINGMAG.COM!.
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